Hemp Farm


Vertical Integration

Ventura Seed Company provides a sustainable fully integrated Industrial Hemp CBD supply chain, from genetics to end products for our customers and consumers.

In 2019, we became the first legal USDA Certified Organic Hemp Seed Propagation and Cultivation in California with Affiliate farms located throughout the US. We have farms in both New York and California.

Our feminized seeds are high-grade medical strains that provide our growers and customers with high yield CBD/low-level THC that is compliant with federal hemp regulations. Our model provides biomass that can be dried and processed in our drying and extraction Facilities.

Throughout the year, Ventura Seed will be cultivating acreage throughout the US. We are currently contracted to grow in NY, CA, AZ, OR, CO, IN, and NV. We are also in negotiations with affiliate farms to cultivate in other states.

All of our current biomass is being produced with the intention of fulfilling our current contracts. The Ventura Seed Company model entails a full spectrum of seed to sales of our finalized products. It is our intention to serve the highest welfare of the planet and its people.


Our Plants

Flower Bio-Mass Seeds

As a fully integrated supplier, Ventura Seed Company offers the flower in the form you need, ensuring the quality and consistency that you desire and expect. We offer dried hemp, bio-mass and seeds of each of our product (or 'strain') types.

Types of Hemp

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Super High Quality Feminized CBD strain with 15-20% potency.

Mold resistant strain that performs well in wet humid climates.

Early October harvest.

Earthy aroma with raspberry and strawberry undertones.
70 Day Flower Time.


For bulk pricing please contact us for more information.


Auto Flower



Super High Quality Feminized CBD strain with 15-20% potency.

A great strain for colder climates.

Skunky aroma with earthy undertones.

65 Day Flower Time from seed start.


For bulk pricing please contact us for more information.


Cherry Wine

Super High Quality Feminized CBD strain with 15-25% potency.

Mid October harvest.

Floral Aroma with Cherry and Pine Skunk undertones.

75 Day Flower Time.


Drying, Tolling & Oils

After processing the flower and bio-mass we offer processing to meet all of your product needs. We can handle our native plant or receive external flower to convert to finished goods you need. Drying, concentrates and oils are available at the concentration and to the specs that you need. Finished products available as inputs for your premium product line.