Hemp Farm

Our Farms

We are here to grow with you.

Our primary farm sits in the lush coastal mountain valley of Ventura County. The organic soil has been handled with care with the latest insights on organic growing. We are able to grow multiple crops a year due to the warm coastal climate. Our New York fields are equally cared for and benefit from the lush valley and climate of the North East.

Our feminized seeds are high-grade medical strains that provide our growers and customers with high yield CBD/low-level THC that is compliant with federal hemp regulations. Our model provides biomass that can be dried and processed in our drying and extraction Facilities.


Affiliate Farm Program

We are here to grow with you. We offer affiliate partnerships to work with our seeds and methodologies. We have different programs in which we offer farmers our seeds and guidance from seed to harvest and even sales and financing. We act in the spirit of partnership to support the industry we believe in.

If you are interested in being part of our affiliate farm program please complete and submit the form below.

Affiliate Farm Program Form