Hemp Farm

Our Team

Ventura Seed Company was born in the fertile valleys of Ventura County with three partners who came together around a shared commitment to the betterment of people and the planet. By pairing a commitment to the healing power of Hemp and a desire to better the earth through organic and regenerative agriculture, Ventura Seed Company began.

We look forward to continuing to lead the way for the industry in forging the conversation around organic and regenerative agricultural practices as we continue to learn about the many benefits of this plant and grow together to offer it to those who need it.

Vanessa Ramirez

VP Operations

Bringing VSC's vision to life is what gets me going every morning, I love what we stand for. I get to apply my 10 years of experience in farming 7000 acres of agricultural land, organic certification, water compliance, food safety and partnerships to a startup company bringing Hemp to Ventura County. Hemp only requires about 1 acre-foot of water per season and absorbs more CO2 per acre than any other crop, making it an ideal profit-making rotation crop that pays its harvesters living wages.

Dave DiNapoli

Ranch Manager

I have always liked watching seeds turn into a profitable crop which lead me to get my BS in Agriculture Business at Cal Poly. Hemp is an exciting old crop to reintroduce, it gives farmers a sustainable crop to add to their rotations and it's a crop with a multitude of uses

Craig Rosas

Lead Irrigator

I enjoy the new learning experience and it’s an opportunity to contribute to a new crop cycle that will hopefully benefit the public medically.

Adam Crowe


Adam Crowe is a certified permaculture designer and consultant, nursery manager, herbalist and organic farmer. He is devoted to realizing health through the healing powers of plants and enhancing soil health to support this. Adam studied under world renowned Geoff Lawton of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and also studied Western Herbalism at The California School of Herbalism. His passion lies in breeding plants and soil health. He also wishes to see the cannabis plant used in the mainstream to better mankind in all the ways possible.

Adriana Ruiz

Production Assistant & HR

Working with people has always been enjoyable, ensuring that employees have the necessary resources to work in a safe environment is very gratifying. I enjoy helping with the development of the human resources essentials to ensure the company is in compliance with applicable laws.

Pablo Osario

Harvest Manager

I have known how to farm since I was in Mexico and I have always enjoyed watching plants grow. I started working with Ventura Seed as a harvester and I was given the opportunity to oversee the first hemp project, from beginning to end. I love to do this job.

Chris Massa

Ranch Manager

I have been farming for the past nine years. I am grateful to be a part of this emerging hemp market and providing people with food, fiber, and medicine. I believe hemp will help revitalize US agriculture and I look forward to watching its continued growth.

Carter Clary



Martin Gracias

General Labor

I am learning so much more about a new crop that I have not worked with in the past.

Julio Armenta

General Labor

I like to bug Dave. Also. It’s a great environment and I’m learning a lot about hemp and hemp processing.

Prekash Ellis

Intern General Labor

Harvesting, planting, weeding

Jacob Jackson

Intern General Labor

Harvesting, planting, weeding.

Dylan Tucker & Austin Barks Dylan

Intern General Labor, General Labor

Harvesting, planting, weeding