Our seeds are where our passion lies.

When we set out to make a difference on the planet through Hemp we traced it back to the seed. Our feminized seeds are high-grade medical strains which provide our growers and customers with high yield CBD/low-level THC, that is compliant with federal hemp regulations. Our genetic program provides multiple high concentration CBD hemp strains for both full-season flower and auto flower genetics with the quality and consistency you expect and trust.


The Power Of Hemp

This medicinal plant inspired our business. As entrepreneurs, healers, farmers and simply as responsible citizens we see the power of this healing plant. Hemp has been cultivated in North America for over five hundred years. Historically the plant has been used primarily in textiles and foods, the passing of the Farm Bill in 2019 allows a wider range of uses and growing of this historic plant. Ventura Seed Company is dedicated to delivering an organic, high-quality product to market with a high CBD content which can be used in a variety of applications.


Hemp vs CBD vs THC

Hemp is a thriving crop that Ventura Seed Company grows legally and under USDA certified organic conditions in the states of California and New York. Hemp does not get you high, nor does CBD. High and recreational products are derived from Marijuana and its psychoactive compound, THC, which is not present in agricultural hemp. Hemp is related to Marijuana in that it comes from the same plant genus, Cannabis. Both plants look similar. Cannabis is a plant genus of which both marijuana and hemp fall under. Hemp refers to plants with a THC content of .3% or less. Our Hemp has THC levels which are virtually non-detectable. We do test via trusted third-party lab testing to ensure that is the case.


Ventura Seed Company’s Hemp is rich in CBD and we grow and cultivate it to make sure that is the case.


CBD is a known compound in the hemp flower. In the human body CBD is a helpful compound in that it acts in the human body as a regulator and supporter of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is what regulates stress and hormones in the body. There are few known supporters of this part of the human system in western medicine. Hemp CBD is one of them. It is often used to aid in sleep, minimize depression and counter the effects of stress. Ventura Seed Company offers a consistent, reliable and premium source of organic CBD.


Quality and Care

We started our business with a commitment to grow premium quality, a consistent high CBD crop with the best impact on the earth, people and the environment.


We bring forward that commitment at each step of our farming and processing, from tending to the soil, propagating seeds to caring for the crops with organic and regenerative practices.



All of our products are certified organic and are grown with regenerative practices. We consider soil health, seed quality and social welfare at each step of our process. Our business is built around caring for all aspects of the farming cycle from soil quality to fair labor equity.


Ventura Seed relies on trusted third-party testing to ensure each crop delivers on quality and consistency. THC and Cannabinoid levels are checked with each lot.