Hemp Farm


Why Organic and Regenerative Agriculture


Ventura Seed Company is committed to practicing and growing awareness around organic farming as a pillar of why and how we do what we do.

As California’s first licensed USDA certified organic Hemp CBD farmer we are working to further the education and awareness around the importance of organic farming and hemp cultivation.

Our belief is that hemp will be a powerful plant for wellness as well as a catalyst to convert conventional farms to organic practices. Farming with organic and regenerative agricultural practices supports the soil, the plant, the people and the earth both short and long term. We rely on the natural cycles of local climates and natural biodiversity to grow nutrient rich plants in living soil. We work with nature at every step. Synthetic inputs or GMO seeds are not used at any point in our farming practice.

Hemp is an important cover crop. It adds diversity to crop rotations, shades out weeds and improves soil health. This paired with it’s wide range of uses as a finished good and the growing demand for it’s benefits make it an impactful crop for today’s farmer.

Beyond organic, we consider all elements of mother nature including water use, crop rotation, biodiversity, soil health, and fair labor practices at each step of our farming. We offer a product that has been cared for at each step of it’s growth to ensure a consistent, premium organic and sustainable product with the consistency and quality you expect.


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